Incline Terrace

Condominiums of Salt Lake City.

Come visit us at our place located in the heart of Salt Lake City. We are tucked away in a beautiful area giving us a quiet and unique downtown lifestyle. Our residents enjoy the convenience of being in walking distance to everything they need.

Plenty of reasons to live here:


huge pool

on-site mgmt.

google fiber

on-site laundry




Our tenants are pretty happy:
"Very economical, especially for tenants. The location plus the amenities included were enough to keep me very happy. It is basically downtown Salt Lake, but it is so quiet on the property. You can call management any time of the day/night, which was a life saver! Plus, I just got wired up for Google Fiber. This place is great!"

• Kaity Read
"I have been living in this place for 2 years+. Awesome Pool, Great Hut Tub and Sauna, Walking distance from Trax and the U. Never had car theft issues. Management is very responsible and quick snow removal."

• Edgard Lopez
"Incline has been a phenomenal place to live. Management does a great job of making everyone happy. I have enjoyed living here over apartments because of the numerous benefits a tenant gets at the expense of the owner. It is a good mix of neighbors and pretty dang good for the location! Definitely recommend Incline Terrace."

• Kaden Madsen

Incline Terrace Condominiums is organized and supported by a homeowners' association (HOA). Each condo is privately owned, but leased and managed through the HOA. Management assists potential tenants in being able to lease the available condos. Tenants have several advantages living here because they live within an HOA without paying the HOA fees. The individual owners set the cost of rent for their own condos so there is a variation in monthly rent from condo to condo.

Unlike apartments, our condominiums have on-site management 24/7. This makes your life much easier as we are here to assist you with whatever you need at any time of day. This also means that you can feel comfortable and secure because we add an additional layer of security to the entire complex. Incline Terrace is proud to be a member of The Good Landlord program. The program helps us to improve the quality and safety of our community.

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